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Aaddzz is in open beta testing.

The Maximum Performance Ad NetworkSM

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    Advertiser Highlights

  • Automatically Target Advertising by Demographics, Region, and Affinity.

  • Pay Per Click-Thru Advertising

  • Pay Per Impression Advertising

  • Online Campaign Management

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Schedule Ads By Time of Day, Day of Week, and/or Date Range.

  • Manually Target Advertising by Web Browser, OS, and Other Factors.

  • Place Ads In Minutes

    Publisher Highlights

  • Maximize Earnings by Auctioning Impressions

  • Earn 80% Commission on Impressions

  • Filter Ads by Quality, Content Rating, Animation, Size, or Domain

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Multiple Ads per Page

  • Target Ads by Keyword Searches

  • Promotional Credit for Showing Promotional Ads

  • Register an Ad Space in Seconds

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